A Slice of Techie

  – Love for 90’s 


Over the time things have changed ……… it’s an understatement. How the time flies by its difficult to catch hold of it ………

From playing board games to instagraming a photo of playing these games. From love affair with books to the newly found love for Kindle and many more . We keep on noticing these frequent changes till today.

Damn !!! Gone are those old school ways.

Pheww !!!! This makes me wonder we have been through a lot . We the 90s generation have witnessed a drastic change which other generations will never see.

Lets take a dive into 90s –

I would rather term this as “Pre-tech era”, no tech savvy guys , no geeks & nerds. For us even a normal electrician guy was a tech magician who can turn on-off fans and the lights.

So in order to make the most of us & the Millennials , Z generations to understand what we witnessed let me explain this journey of 90s in their “cool” way :

This was the time when people believe in  F2F conversation rather than virtual space interaction . We have our own wiki in the form of Libraries.  Apple was just a fruit , windows were meant for walls & Books were our Google. Globe , Maps & Atlas being our Google Map. Dad and Mom were our Operating system who knows which output is useful for their user “Children”. Photographs were taken for memories not for insta-showoffs. No-FLIX was meant for pocket size tv ,they were meant for viewing  at larger then life screen. Most Amazing Prime quality of all :

“90s Friendship does not have “virtual” meaning.”

Its my firm belief that our transformation from millennials to the Z generation we can’t deny the fact that :

“We have been the privileged ones and also the ones who have been the victims.”